Tuesday, 14 March 2017


The studio we have chosen to fund and produce our film is Warner Brothers. This is because they have made multiple thriller and crime films that have been successful so we have decided that they would be our best choice.


When would we release our film?

If we had to pick a time of year to release our film we would either do it during the Easter when more people are likely to go and see is which would hopefully give it better recognition. Also we could have a chance of the film being sown at a film festival where it could have a chance of being nominated for an award which is our main goal. If we had to pick any other time to release the film then i would personally say to do it in October as it is the month of Halloween. Although you would expect horror film to be released at this time, our film has a killer in it and violence which i still feel like will work well if released at this time.

Audience Profile

Audience profile 

As our film is a thriller/ crime our target audience is going to be teenagers and young adults. This is because thrillers and crime films and even TV series are very popular with these kinds of people as most of them enjoy that intense feeling and always waiting for something unexpected to happen for a thrill. Our secondary audience would have to be Adults (roughly 30+). Even though i say secondary i still believe they could be classed as the primary because majority of people do enjoy watching crime films so i wouldn't expect people 30+ to not watch this film.



The budget of our feel will be reasonably low as it is a small independent film. The average budget of an independent film is roughly $2 million so i believe it is reasonable if we were to set our budget at around $3 million. This will hopefully pay for our production and distribution company to help create and market the film successfully. Our main goal for this film is to be nominated or even win an award or gain a good critic reception as we want to be recognised by bigger company's that might consider working with us on a future film.

Pictures from 3rd Shoot

Our 3rd Shoot

These are some pictures i took whilst we were setting up and shooting our investigation scene for our title sequence.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Children photos used in investigation

These are the photos of children we used for our 3rd shoot in the conference room.

Next shoot

Next Shoot

For our next shoot we have decided to book out one of the conference rooms so that we can film our investigation scene in and hopefully get some good shots. I originally had shot this scene in my house but didn't feel that it looked professional enough so we decided to reshoot in a new location. This is where the idea of booking out a conference room came in so tommy emailed one of the schools staff to ask if we could use it.